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key finishing

key finishing

key finishing

1-3d-design for all area

Design all place with 3 images for each room

2-shop dwa for all items

Executive drawings for all works of health + electricity + suspended ceilings + decorations + walls + details

Supervising the works

Solve all site problems and deal with industrial

4- Supply and installation of all works

The required samples shall be agreed upon in all works and supplied and executed

5. The price includes turnkey

The price includes everything to finish the required works of supply, installation and installation

What are the advantages of design and implementation service from Maxview?

1- Emphasis on the quality of the business and attention to every detail, no matter how small for you, come on

Our team is trained in engineering quality standards for all works

2 – appreciates the exercise of your work and your life naturally and we have everything

The presence of a specialized engineer on site to solve all problems and provide everything to finish the work as required

3-Max View offers you an assay for all works and total cost

Assay All works are described and the cost of each item is determined

4- Committed to deliver on time

Because we are busy on a timetable thoughtful Bnslam Your presence on the required date

5. Our prices are not comparable to their quality

Because we save you about 5% for you

What is the price of finishing turnkey?

You can find out the price of the finishing offers and you can make your own specifications with a special measurement.